• Baia Mare Planetarium (in Romanian language: Planetariul Baia Mare) from october 2020, The Baia Mare Astronomy Complex has changed it`s name to MUZEUL DE STIINTE ASTRONOMICE BAIA MARE (Astronomy Science Museum from Baia Mare).

      Address: str. George Coșbuc, nr. 16.
      Telephone: 0362 401.921

      Open: Tue.-Sun: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

  • We have reserved special admission hours for English guidance at

10 a.m or 12.01 p.m or 14.00 p.m

You are advised to use this time intervals for visiting.
Admission charge: 10 Lei (RON) for adults; 5 Lei for children.

  • Here you will find the first public planetarium opened in Romania, one of the most sought after tourist attractions in Maramures. Modernized in 2015 with the Zeiss Skymaster ZKP4 star projector. A journey to Universe: Science, culture and entertainment in one place.


  • IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR FOREIGN VISITORS IN ROMANIA, AT THE BAIA MARE PLANETARIUM! Due to the pandemic precautionary measures, only full-dome digital shows will be presented at the planetarium, from a generous list of titles,  available to visitors who want guidance in English. Let’s be safe at the planetarium! Use the automatic disinfection dispenser at the entrance, and wearing a protective mask is mandatory!

The planetarium is the modern star’s projector, which could display a very interesting artificial sky, with Sun, planets, moons, thousands stars, artistic representation of constellations – all of them in respect with proper motions of this objects through the sky, by automatic calculations, algorithms applied by computing systems.

Our space-time trip begins from Baia Mare day and night sky with many observer and destinations. We will make o tour of the sky, like it could be seen from Baia Mare, with constellations and other marvel objects. Then will fly to North Pole and South Pole of the Earth, to see the sky from those positions.

We prepared for our foreign visitors a special guidance in English and, besides of classical constellations, we offer you a cultural dialogue concerning the spectacular representations of Romanian peasants about the sky and constellations. Other exhibitions available.

Our planetarium is located near the historical center of the city (15 minutes walk) and to the Mineralogy Museum also (10 minutes walk).

We are the only place in Romania, where you could learn about Romanian traditional constellations through our digital multimedia exhibition Digitarium, with text and audio support for English language, a list of 39 Romanian constellations, part of the Romanian and universal immaterial patrimony, a container of epic and ethical stories – in an original folk version – explaining the history of things, the relations between sky, divinity, Earth, and Man.

The initial project started in 2012 has expanded and now we have displayed an version for blinded people and an practical micro-planetarium for this special public.

You can visit among other thematic exhibitions our very best and functional former star projection system – the ZKP1 – Zeiss Yena star projector with which we used to make astronomical demonstrations in our planetarium dome.

The Astronomy Complex from Baia Mare, Romania is a modern institution for informal education of youth and adults with a regional presence. The main objective of this institution is the promoting and popularization of the first science in the human history: astronomy. We have a wide ranges of visitors – from children to seniors, tourists or local visitors and our main activity is presenting through a series of planetarium shows the wonders of the universe,  the night sky tales, history of discovering the universe and scientific facts of recent finds involving the edges of visible universe, exoplanets and so on. Beside the fact that the planetarium of Baia Mare was the first public planetarium opened in Romania in 1969, and was the only planetarium present in the region of Transylvania (covering over 5,000,000 potential regional visitors), due to implementation of an European co-financed project, by ENPI Cross-border Cooperation Programme, we had installed at Baia Mare in 2015, the most modern planetarium facility in Romania, an Zeiss Skymaster ZKP4 Led optical-mechanical planetarium, with the brightest and most beautiful stars and stellar field. Our planetarium also organized the first digital virtual exhibition opened in Romania (2012), an ethno-cosmology presentation about the Romanians night sky view and original local constellations and traditions inspired by the cosmos.

At the beginning of 2020, the Astronomy Complex from Baia Mare installed a digital full-dome planetarium with a laser-phosphorus projection system, with large capabilities of operating in movie mode, interactive live-planetarium presentations or in hybrid mode, coordinating the beauty of classical projector stars with spectacular animations offered by digital projection system. From 2020, Baia Mare planetarium have the capacity to project and produce own planetarium shows or/and to import other shows from all over the world.

The main exhibitions presented here are an efficient introduction for visitors to the very complex domain of astronomy – through a presentation of the Solar System or the Deep Sky Objects, through a historic discoveries, interpretation and understanding of the Messier objects. The Digitarium exhibitions sector is a multimedia, virtual and educational applied concept of presenting the Romanian traditional constellations, with multilanguage audio and visual support (Romanian, English, Hungarian, Ukrainian), and in the 2016 year, this concept gone further to integrate special support for visitors blind or visually handicapped.

The Astronomy Complex also has an Astronomical Observatory and a very large astronomical park – with more than 10 modern telescopes, for accessing the night sky (Moon, Planets, Satellites, Galaxies, Star Clusters a.s.o) and the Sun (Sun Spots, Flares a.s.o), a very fresh installed Meteors Station – with two separate digital monitoring units, a Astronomy Library – for specialists and public, and a new facility installed for watching 3D astronomy themed movies  with special active glasses for visitors.

The Astronomy Complex from Baia Mare, Maramures County, Romania has only 7 employees, from which 5 have wide expertise in educational projects and programs, been involved also in national conducted cultural – educational programs (receiving from 2011 to 2018 five grants in developing projects, from National Cultural Fond Administration / Administrația Fondului Cultural Național), and international two co-financed projects by European Union.

Baia Mare Planetarium – official hosting location in Romania for ESA/Hubble’s celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope in April 2020

Astronomy Complex from Baia Mare in an official ESA/ESO partner for Romania in the great global anniversary event of Hubble Telescope celebration of 30 years in space for science. Baia Mare Planetarium will organize a HUBBLE Telescope Week *(22 – 27 April 2020), with digital exhibitions, interactive presentations in our dome, preparing for the international unveiling of the official large high-quality print dedicated to this anniversary. Our planetarium was also involved in 25 years, and 20 years anniversaries of the ESA/NASA Hubble Space Telescope with public events an thousands of participants.

Digital planetarium opening

From March 2020, Baia Mare Planetarium will offer as a main astronomical demonstrations, digital full-dome shows in our dome, following an partnership with RSA Cosmos and financial assistance from Maramureș County Council. The optical Sky Master ZKP4 Sistem from Zeiss will operate along with the new digital Barco Full-Dome System. The hours and titles of the shows with audio guidance in english will be displayed on this page.

  • Traditional Romanian Constellations – digital exhibition – project granted by Romanian National Cultural Fond Administration (2012);
  • Traditional Romanian Constellations – National level – granted by Romanian National Cultural Fond Administration. This project included a live international conference on this subject, broadcasted on project own online TV site (2013);
  • The sky is in your hands – Traditional Romanian Constellations digital exhibition for blind and visually impaired people (2016) – project granted by National Cultural Fond Administration.  Multi-senzorial exhibition, with tactile, audio and special smells support. Five portable units were shared in other main museum locations from Romania;
  • Planetarium for blind and visually impaired people (2017) – project granted by National Cultural Fond Administration; two special devices with audio guidance and three-dimensional stars and links between them, forming the patterns;
  • PL@NETour – creation of a scientific tourism product and infrastructure for cross-border scientific tourism network in Maramures and Transcarpathia regions – granted by EU ENPI CBC PROGRAMME HUSKROUA 2007-2013
  • Our team also managed to implement Romanian stellar mythology into an open source Planetarium simulation programme called Stellarium (starting with version 0.13.0 of the programme).
  • Beneficent partner of the project UNITRIP (Universe to reach? In Planetarium) with Hvezdarna a planetarium Brno (Czech Republic) as Applicant and coordinator of the project. Exchange experience with specialists from planetariums located in Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic and cooperate for creation of an intellectual output (2018 – 2020).
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