• Baia Mare Planetarium (in Romanian language: Planetariul Baia Mare)

    Address: str. George Coșbuc, nr. 16.
    Telephone: 0362 401.921

    Open: Tue.-Sun: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

  • We have reserved special admission hours for English guidance at

10 a.m or 12.01 pm or 14.00 p.m

You are advised to use this time intervals for visiting.
Admission charge: 10 Lei (RON) for adults; 5 Lei for children.

  • Here you will find the first public planetarium opened in Romania, one of the most sought after tourist attractions in Maramures. Modernized in 2015 with the Zeiss Skymaster ZKP4 star projector. A journey to Universe: Science, culture and entertainment in one place.

The planetarium is the modern star’s projector, which could display a very interesting artificial sky, with Sun, planets, moons, thousands stars, artistic representation of constellations – all of them in respect with proper motions of this objects through the sky, by automatic calculations, algorithms applied by computing systems.

Our space-time trip begins from Baia Mare day and night sky with many observer and destinations. We will make o tour of the sky, like it could be seen from Baia Mare, with constellations and other marvel objects. Then will fly to North Pole and South Pole of the Earth, to see the sky from those positions.

We prepared for our foreign visitors a special guidance in English and, besides of classical constellations, we offer you a cultural dialogue concerning the spectacular representations of Romanian peasants about the sky and constellations. Other exhibitions available.

Our planetarium is located near the historical center of the city (15 minutes walk) and to the Mineralogy Museum also (10 minutes walk).

We are the only place in Romania, where you could learn about Romanian traditional constellations through our digital multimedia exhibition Digitarium, with text and audio support for English language, a list of 39 Romanian constellations, part of the Romanian and universal immaterial patrimony, a container of epic and ethical stories – in an original folk version – explaining the history of things, the relations between sky, divinity, Earth, and Man.

The initial project started in 2012 has expanded and now we have displayed an version for blinded people and an practical micro-planetarium for this special public.

You can visit among other thematic exhibitions our very best and functional former star projection system – the ZKP1 – Zeiss Yena star projector with which we used to make astronomical demonstrations in our planetarium dome.

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